The world is your computer

Enabling cloud environments, computers, virtual machines, mobile networks, edge computing environments, data streaming pipelines, development environments and workstations to connect, interoperate and evolve. Igelle technologies are meant to supercharge modern-day digital development and make the impossible possible.

Igelle DataHub

Igelle DataHub is a data application platform for modern cloud applications and real-time streaming data. It is a data application platform meant particularly for the rapid development and integration of data-intensive and data-focused applications, and provides application developers with easy-to-deploy mechanisms for data streaming, storage, processing and schema management. Applications can be developed internally within the platform itself or externally, and integrated via external APIs. The platform supports various industry-standard protocols for external application integration.

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Igelle DevBox

Igelle DevBox provides easy-to-use, readily usable developer-focused virtual machines on the cloud, with full command-line access and lots of modern developer tools and compilers pre-installed. Ideal for remote development, compiling on the cloud, to use as DevOps machines, integration testing tools or jump hosts for access to other systems on the Internet, a DevBox is simple to install and quick to use. With a static public IP address, you can also use it as the source host in firewall openings, further enhancing the security posture of your other integrated systems.

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